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The integration of technology into convenience stores continues to be at the forefront of every progressive operator in the industry. Everyone wants to know how can we do it better, faster, cheaper, and be more profitable. One of the most effective ways is to control your inventory. Not just from a standpoint of how many of something we have in inventory but from the perspective of how is that item priced? What is the profit margin? What items move or sell in this location and what items are just taking up shelf space. To maximize your true profit potential you must be able to quickly identify all these aspects for every item in your inventory. Scanning also helps you control inventory in other ways such as eliminating shrinkage caused by cashiers ringing up items at a wrong or cheaper price and enabling you to scan in vendor deliveries with handheld data collectors, uploading the information into the back office computer, and comparing that to delivery receipts. An estimated 20% of shrinkage may be attributed to delivery shortages by your vendors. The amount of data analysis possible in todays Back Office Software packages can be truly amazing.

Did you know that an estimated 80% of convenience store companies have scanning in at least some of their stores? That they are moving towards 100% implementation at an ever increasing rate? That most companies have a store-level price book in place? That investments in scanning and data analysis are among those with the greatest return on investment? That it is estimated that you will recoup your investment for deploying a back office scanning solution in as little as nine months?

The most common benefit of scanning is the ability to analyze all the data captured which leads to:

  • Inventory Control
  • Profit control
  • Vendor Control
  • Cashier Shrinkage Control
  • Special Promotion Control
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interface) Ability
  • The ability to export data directly into accounting packages such as QuickBooks


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