Payment Card Industry

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is a complex and ever evolving subject affecting millions of businesses – acquiring banks, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), processors, hosts, shopping carts, e-commerce and retail merchants and other merchant services providers. The PCI Compliance Guide, powered by ControlScan, is one of the leading educational Websites available focused exclusively on PCI compliance. Beyond the expertise we bring to the PCI Compliance Guide, we work with many of the most renowned subject matter experts in the industry to deliver the latest information about PCI compliance guidelines, trends, best practices and practical tips to help educate the entire PCI compliance food chain.

Dresser Wayne Secure Payment (PCI)

Top 10 Advantages

  1. The Only (PCI) Pay-At-The-Pump Solution Certified For Deployment Beyond 2017 (everyone else is only 2014, meaning you may have to change out equipment again at that time).
  2. Award winning IX Technology Platform adds more security and capabilities as mandated evolve.
  3. Modular design featuring individually replaceable security components.
  4. Industry leading tamper response mechanism prevent unauthorized device access or removal.
  5. Available as an option for new Ovation and Vista fuel dispensers as well as a retrofit for existing Dresser Wayne dispensers.
  6. Secure remote management and software updates.
  7. Multiple security level configurations provide an affordable migration path.
  8. Flexible display configurations support monochrome, color and larger VGA screen formats for tailored forecourt merchandising.
  9. Compatible with legacy POS and fuel dispenser equipment, including third party systems.
  10. The only solution with a hybrid keypad that includes configurable membrane function keys supporting site-specific requirements and easy re-branding.

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