LED Lighting

L.E.D. Lighting

Are your lights paying you back?

The LED canopy light fixtures clearly outperform the existing HID technology, offering a more inviting, brighter experience while consuming less energy. The LED fixture gives you an estimated 64 percent energy savings and a three year or less payback time frame on your investment. Additional benefits include virtually eliminating maintenance due to the LED fixtures life rating of greater than 150,000 hours and eliminating the disposal of hazardous mercury found in traditional lighting fixtures. They also feature a ten year warranty. We also feature LED area lighting, security wall packs, in-store lighting including troffers for drop ceilings, decorative spot lighting, and high bay fixtures all excellently engineered, highly efficient and great looking. For more information contact us to discuss how we can help you save money on your energy bill and make your site look great. Click here or the CREE Logo for more information.

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Atlanta Petroleum Equipment Company is a proud CREE Platinum Distributor.