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Innovation — it’s what drives everything we do. Cree’s leadership begins with innovative materials that provide high-efficiency performance for each lamp and luminaire found within our product portfolio. With over a quarter century of experience, Cree has a deep understanding of the science behind LED lighting and provides a complete collection of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions to match your application.

With a large installation base of our flagship LED down lights and our industry-leading LED roadway lighting fixtures installed around the globe, Cree has a solid reputation for delivering top-performing LED lighting.

Cree remains at the forefront today, dedicated to developing new LED solutions that improve both our customers’ spaces and their bottom lines. As our product lines grow, we not only build on our history of innovation, we also extend our record of delivering superior value with beautiful, energy-efficient lighting.


Industry-Leading Limited Warranty

Cree offers a standard 10-year limited warranty that covers the broadest product range in the industry. This covers nearly all Cree globally available commercial-grade indoor and outdoor fixtures. We also offer an industry-leading standard 10-year limited warranty covering our Colorfast DeltaGuard® Finish on all outdoor fixtures and poles. To learn more about the products covered under our standard warranty, please visit



Proven, Revolutionary Technology

As the leading fully-integrated innovator of LED chips, components and complete lighting systems, Cree is continuously advancing our state-of-the-art LED lighting products to provide energy-efficient lighting that will look and operate as expected for years to come.

Cree TrueWhite® Technology

Powered by Cree TrueWhite® Technology, only Cree® LED fixtures can deliver our exclusive combination of industry-leading efficacy (up to 130 lumens per watt), 90+ CRI and consistent warm or cool color temperatures.

The Cree quality advantage begins with mixing the light

from Cree® LEDs—among the highest-performing LEDs on the market. Each luminaire is then color tuned as a complete system for the utmost fixture-to-fixture consistency in performance.

The result is beautiful white light with superior color rendering, color consistency over time and temperature, all while using a fraction of the energy of traditional light sources—a true no-compromise solution.

NanoOptic® Technology

Available in more than 20 distributions, Cree LED fixtures featuring NanoOptic® Technology provide new possibilities for highly optimized and application specific target-illumination performance. The patented refractor system offers superior light control with more lumens delivered in the target area, improved uniformity ratios and controlled high-angle brightness.

Colorfast DeltaGuard® Finish

Exclusive to Cree LED outdoor fixtures and poles, the Colorfast DeltaGuard® Finish is the finest industrial-grade finish available that provides UV-light resistance, corrosion resistance, fade protection and more. Every outdoor fixture follows an exclusive 18-stage full immersion process that includes cleaning, pretreatment, epoxy E-coating and an ultra-durable powder topcoat.


CREE Platinum Distributor

Atlanta Petroleum Equipment Company, as a CREE Platinum Distributor, is proud to be able to offer our customers all the exciting products manufactured by CREE. We can help you reduce your energy costs and make your site look great all at an affordable price point. With the exceptional value and proven technology of CREE LED fixtures your return on investment can be as small as 24 months. For more information and to see how we can tailor a solution to fit your needs give us a call today at 770-491-6644 or email us at


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