About Us

Atlanta Petroleum Equipment Company was started in September of 1989 to fill a need for quality petroleum equipment services in the Atlanta area. From our modest beginning as a small service company, we have grown to become a leader in our industry offering a full line of petroleum equipment, installation, repair, and support services with over 30 employees.


We are committed to providing only the highest quality products and services available. Our industry has become increasingly more technically oriented and complex over the years, and we have continually strived to stay on the leading edge of all the latest innovations and technologies to support our customers needs and expectations.


Our goal when we initiate a project is to provide the best engineered, best assembled, best looking project that we can. A project we are proud to put our name on and one you are proud to own. In providing quality equipment, installation and services we help you succeed in your business, taking the worries concerning your fueling equipment away. At Atlanta Petroleum Equipment Company we stand behind all that we do.


We are a petroleum equipment company offering Sales, Service, Installation, and support services for all of central and north Georgia.


We believe that proper preparation prevents poor performance, and that you will not find a better team assembled anywhere.


What can we do for you today?